Short Life Plans

Many of you folks might wonder why I put something as ridiculous as a “bucket list” in a blog which is supposed to contain nothing but serious notes and legal matters. Well, why not? My employers always tell me to set reasonable goals and lay them out in a timeline to measure my progress and how well I am doing with my tasks; and if it is that effective at work, then I bet it is going to be as effective in real life scenarios. Besides, I am about to reach my 24th birthday, so I might as well do it.

At the age of 25, I should have:

– At least a total of 150000Php invested in stocks.

– A small food or drink kiosk. I remember having a small fruit shake stall in front of our house when I was around 10 years old. Let’s take it up a notch and offer something that is more sellable all year around: fingerfoods?

At the age of 30, I should have:

– An Atty title. It does not matter if I fail a subject or two as long as I become a lawyer on time.

– At least a total of 250000 Php invested in stocks.

– A coffee/tea shop; or a pasta stand in a business district.

– A life insurance, setting my brothers/sisters and parents as beneficiaries. No, I am not planning to get married.

– A full-time job, earning at least 50,000Php a month.

– A Macbook, lol.

At the age of 35, I should have:

– Superb tennis skills.

– At least 500000Php invested in stocks.

– At least 200000Php in a savings account.

– A car, big enough to take a family of five to a vacation escapade. I don’t mind commuting publicly to work until this age.

– A house, somewhere out of NCR but is around 2 hours away from Makati/Ortigas/Taguig when I use public transportation.

– A piano, violin, a good-sized LCD TV plus a gaming console to play what I want.

– A big restaurant, serving a wide range of meals.

I guess that is it. At the age of 40, I can live a life of contentment that I could die.

The best thing about this list? It is the fact that these are reasonable and attainable if I set my mind on getting it. I could go waaay farfetched than those mentioned above and put something like uniting the world as one country or becoming a known business tycoon, or discover the secrets of time travel using blackholes or wormholes; but yes, this list should suffice for now.


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