About the Blog; Disclaimer

Salus Populi Est Suprema Lex.  The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law.

This blog site is created to serve as a repository of the notes, case briefs, essays, writings, and other mind-boggling products of the author who is currently being driven mad a law school student.  He has the sincerest intention of sharing all the things that he created for the future use of its readers who are probably law students as well.

Do note that not everything in this blog, contents and grammar to be precise, are correct.  Please bear with the author.  He is not a very clever man.  You have been warned.

Also, notice that the author has a different way of presenting his articles, e.g. case briefs being lengthy (which is quite ironic).  He tries to do everything via methods which he finds to be comfortable.  After all, “if it works, it ain’t stupid.”

As such:

1. For essays and research works: The contents are those of the author on such topic, and do not necessarily reflect those of the government or the association that the author is affiliated with.

2. For case digests: Since this blog is a mere repository of the author’s collective school notes, some or all of the information might not be written by him. Most of the contents go several years back that the author may not remember who wrote it. As such, credit goes to the respective owners. Please contact the author if you want to be credited specifically.

3. For all articles: While some may be written by the author, the others may have been made by his classmates during group/class studies. It may have been copied as well from internet resources such as other blogs. The author merely aims to promote a pragmatic dissemination of information and does not intend to infringe on other people’s copyrights. If you feel that an article belongs to you, contact the author and he will be happy to remove it from this blog.

4. Author does not guaranty the correctness or accuracy of the information.

Enjoy reading if you must. 🙂


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